Posted by: quiscus | December 12, 2009

December 12, 2009

1.  “Carlyle, Kissinger, SAIC and Halliburton: A 9/11 Convergence

What we can say today, with certainty, is that if we are to believe that al Qaeda orchestrated the events of 9/11 then we do not know much about al Qaeda. Alternatively, there was a far more powerful and highly connected system of intelligence and financial networks, represented by organizations like Carlyle, Kissinger, SAIC and Halliburton, that converged upon the events of 9/11. That other system continues to profit from the 9/11 attacks, and uses the fear and rage generated by al Qaeda-attributed terrorism to its own advantage. Understanding and destroying terrorism might simply be a matter of understanding and destroying the organizations that continue to profit from 9/11.

Unchecked Cesspool Of Organized Criminality – Figures who seem to continuously pass through revolving doors between private sector corporate appointments and executive branch government appointments.”

2.  “Freeway blogging in Davis, October 09

The first police officer clearly said that you did not have to leave, so you should not have left. You did the right thing to make the CHP come out and tell you themselves. What you learn is that it’s mostly bark, and no bite. They intimidate people to volunteer to give up their rights. You do not have to show your driver’s license or give your name without probable cause. “What is your probable cause for your search and seizure officer?” If they say ‘suspicion’ or ‘distracting traffic’ or trespassing on public property, then tell them that you are not distracting traffic and you have a right to be on public property. “You do not have probable cause officer, and I have the 4th Amendment right to not show you my i.d. or to give you any information about me. In fact, I want to see your i.d. immediately. You are required by law to give me your i.d.” When you volunteer to give up your rights, then you have no rights, by law.

Demand to have his supervisor come to the scene. Ask to speak to his watch commander. Call the Sheriff’s department and get them there. Show all of them the Civil Code. Keep them busy – that at least gives you more time to banner. It takes practice, but each time you are confronted, your confidence goes much higher.

“If you arrest us officer, then I will charge you with false arrest, false imprisonment, kidnapping, violation of our Constitutional rights.”

3.  “And at this particular juncture, conservatives who still cannot muster any skepticism toward big government abroad-while hypocritically railing against it at home–should finally give up any pretense of being for limited government, concede Barney Frank’s argument, and quit calling themselves “conservative” altogether.”

4.  One of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever seen:

“The Military’s Plan For The Afghan War Surge, In One Giant Chart”

5.  “House Passes Bill to Audit the Fed

6.  “Bernanke’s Fake Economic Recovery

Financial system stability is largely an illusion created by explicit government guarantees on money markets, commercial paper, TBTF institutions, and toxic assets. (whose real value is still unknown) This is the scaffolding which holds the so-called “free market” upright. (In less PR-oriented societies; it’s called “central planning”) Financial markets have become a ward of the state. It’s not the integrity of US markets that attracts foreign investors, but the resources of the American taxpayer who has become the de facto guarantor of all Wall Street’s speculative bets.

By usurping powers not granted under its charter, the Fed has resuscitated insolvent institutions and helped them continue the transfer of wealth from one class to another, in the traditional direction: up.”

7.  “Major victory for ACORN and the Constitution

In September, I interviewed Rep. Alan Grayson about the unconstitutionality of Congress’ attempt to de-fund ACORN, and a couple of weeks later, examined Supreme Court precedent — principally the 1946 case of U.S. v. Lovett — that left little doubt that the Congressional war on ACORN violated the Constitutional ban on “bills of attainder.”  Yesterday, in a lawsuit brought by the Center for Constitutional Rights, Federal District Judge Nina Gershon of the Eastern District of New York found Congress’ de-funding of ACORN unconstitutional and enjoined its enforcement.  This is a major victory not only for ACORN, but also for the Constitution.

Events like this provide an important reminder about how crucial and well-crafted the Constitution is.  Though rarely invoked, the ban on “bills of attainder” is no technical or legalistic right; it’s vital.  Allowing Congress — rather than courts — to pass judgment on parties’ guilt and then punish them for it is to circumvent all of the due process rights guaranteed in a judicial proceeding.  It virtually ensures that, as happened here, guilt will be imposed due to political passions and a lynch mob mentality rather than a careful and fair examination of evidence.  It also leaves weak and unpopular parties far more vulnerable to punishment.  The fact that groups far more powerful than ACORN have actually been found guilty of serious wrongdoing yet have never been de-funded by Congress — particularly defense contractors — illustrates that danger.

As always happens whenever there is a judicial decision that undermines the Right’s political interests, there are going to be hordes of right-wing polemicists marching forth to denounce this ruling as “judicial activism.”  They’re already starting.  These are people won’t bother to read a single word or case about “bills of attainder,” but overnight, they’re self-proclaimed legal scholars on this Constitutional prohibition and are in a position to criticize the Judge’s ruling as legally erroneous.  Of course, the only thing they really know is that they hate ACORN and therefore dislike the outcome of this case.  In other words, they’re denouncing the decision for reasons having nothing to do with law and everything to do with their own political beliefs and outcome preferences — i.e., they’re advocating, as usual, for the consummate act of outcome-based “judicial activism” which they endlessly claim to oppose.”

8.  “US Mercenaries Murder “Militants” For CIA
Private Guards ‘Took Part in Raids on al-Qaeda Militants’

Former company staff quoted yesterday said that guards assigned to protect CIA officers on raids were often armed with sawn-off M4 automatic weapons with silencers — a potent combination banned under US regulations. ”

9.  ” US Refuses To Allow Monitoring Of WMD

WMD treaty violations and inspection refusal for biological, nuclear, chemical weapons. Iran? No, US

10.  ” Networks Still Hosting Military Analysts Without Identifying Massive Conflicts Of Interest

Major television networks continue to host retired generals as military analysts without alerting viewers to their extensive ties to defense contractors and the Pentagon.

Military strategy is a frequent topic on TV in the wake of President Obama’s announcement that he will send more troops to Afghanistan now — and start bringing them out by mid-2011. But few television viewers have any idea that some of what they’re hearing originates from men who are literally profiting from the war.”

11.  “The Devil and Mr. Obama

Barack promised change — and sure enough, things changed for the worse”

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