Posted by: quiscus | November 25, 2009

November 25, 2009

1.  “His approach of asking questions and putting the burden of proof on the Establishment is good. If the Establishment can’t give us a coherent account, without holes, that answers the normal questions, and is backed by credible, verifiable evidence, why should the public, who the govt is supposed to be accountable to, buy it? Why should the Establishment be allowed to use their tissue of lies to justify anything, let alone wars, a police state and the subversion of the Constitution. People might assume it’s only a little incompetence and criminal negligence that’s being covered up- but even this doesn’t stand up to the evidence that’s already in the public record. Examining 9/11 in any detail leads naturally to the conclusion there’s something monstrously criminal being covered up, and this is not tolerable in a democratic Republic. Actually, studying 9/11 leads naturally to the conclusion is that an ‘inside job’ is being covered up, with the defacto collusion of Congress, the corporate media, and the elite investor class that owns them.”

2.  “Liberalism, in its modern incarnation, is intellectually bankrupt, and has been for quite some time, but it took the ascension to power of a decidedly liberal administration to highlight the demise of its moral authority. Young people looking for a comprehensive view of life, a principled perspective on the events shaping their world, are not going to find it in the cost-benefit analyses of dried-up Washington policy wonks who balance the economic “benefits” of mass murder against the weight of the dead. ”

3.  “Arrests are being made ‘to expand DNA files’

Recorded crime has fallen every year since 2004-05, but the number of people arrested in England and Wales annually is rising. Latest figures show that arrests rose by 6 per cent to 1.43 million in 2005 and a further 4 per cent to 1.48 million in 2006-07.


Professor Montgomery said there was some evidence that people were arrested to retain the DNA information even though they might not have been arrested in other circumstance.


He said that a retired senior police officer told the commission: “It is now the norm to arrest offenders for everything if there is a power to do so. It is apparently understood by serving police officers that one of the reasons . . . is so that DNA can be obtained.” He said that the tradition of only arresting someone when dealing with serious offences had collapsed.”

4.  “The Fed Doesn’t Want Banks to Increase Lending

Read that carefully and realize this: An apparently not insignificant portion of the FOMC believes that there is a terrible risk that banks loosen their credit standards and increase lending at a time when, even if the economy posts expected gain, unemployment remains at unacceptably high levels. Silly me, I thought increased lending was the whole point of the exercise to lower interest and expand the balance sheet. That whole credit channel thing. If not to expand lending during a credit crunch, then what else are they expecting?


I am in shock that this sentence made it into the minutes. One can only conclude that a significant portion of policymakers are simply clueless. Or, more disconcerting, they have lost all faith in the ability of financial institutions to channel capital into activities with any hope of financial returns. Has the Fed now embraced the view that they manage the economy through little else then fueling and extinguishing bubbles?

These statement is an indication of intellectual bankruptcy at the Fed, that they have learned nothing from the crisis. But that isn’t surprising. CEOs usually need to be fired after they have presided over a disaster. They are incapable of seeing and remedying their errors. Why should senior bureaucrats be any different?”

5.  “Will Christmas Shopping Save Us? As “Black Friday” Nears, New Questions About an Economic Recovery That Isn’t

Why is this happening? Paul Farrell offers 15 reasons on Marketwatch about how the people behind the economic collapse continue to get away with it.


Here are 5 of them.


“1. Gross denial of any moral damage caused by their rampant greed

2. Narcissistic egomaniacs with secret ‘God complexes’

Today, all of Wall Street is dual diagnosed: They’re morally blind money addicts who believe they’re “God’s chosen.” AA would say: They haven’t “bottomed,” won’t recover from their disease till a disaster hits, with another market meltdown and the “Great Depression 2.” Then maybe they’ll “quit playing God.”


3. Paranoid obsessives about secrecy, guilt and non-disclosure

4. Power-hungry need to control government using Trojan Horses

5. Borderline personalities who regularly ignore conflicts of interest”

He goes on with an indictment that clearly suggests nothing has really changed when it comes to the folks who are making money when others aren’t.


So we go back to square one: A distorted and troubled economy. A population addicted to buying things. A manipulated media. And, many signs of deeper trouble ahead as wars are escalated and Congress is paralyzed along parochial and partisan lines.”

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