Posted by: quiscus | September 28, 2009

Setember 28, 2009.


“Rescue Me” Star Daniel Sunjata Joins 9/11 Protest March

“A favorable ruling would likely be appealed by the City pushing the issue to the Appellate Court,” an NYC CAN advisory predicted. “If the Petition overcomes all legal challenges, goes to November ballot and the referendum passes, it would lead to the creation of a local, independent commission with subpoena power that would be tasked with comprehensively reinvestigating the attacks.”

“While the specter of 9/11 is raised repeatedly, ghoulishly, dangled before us to justify the dismemberment of our Constitution, the trampling of our civil liberties,” said Sunjata. “Questioning 9/11 itself? Oh, that is strictly prohibited. Do you hear that, New York? Do you hear that, family members? Cops? Firefighters? First responders? Your government has just told you, again, again, that you are good enough to die for them, but that asking questions about the inciting event is un-American, unpatriotic and just quite simply out of bounds.”

2.  Oklahoma City:

“The Reagan and Bush I administrations wanted Congress to pass anti-terror legislation with unconstitutional provisions that included the “resurrection of guilt by association, association as grounds for exclusion or deportation, the ban on supporting lawful activities of groups labeled terrorist, the use of secret evidence, and the empowerment of the Secretary of State to designate groups as terrorist organizations, without judicial or congressional review.” The legislation languished in Congress, with both Democrat and Republican members of the House Judiciary Committee questioning the need for such drastic legislation. Not even the 1993 WTC bombing was a good enough reason to convince Congress to pass the ‘anti-terror’ legislation (only six were killed). However the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995 changed the political atmosphere on this issue (168 were killed). The next year the anti-terror legislation became law.

In the Murrah Federal Building bombing incident it is known that there were two other bombs located in the building that were larger than the initial bomb that exploded. This news was suppressed by the national media, but managed to leak out through the local media in Oklahoma City. The unexploded bombs are not to be confused with the TOW antitank missile that was revealed seven years after the incident to have been found during the Murrah Federal Building rescue operations. Since the two bombs found were said by the authorities to be larger than the first that exploded, then one of those bombs could not have been a TOW missile, since a TOW missile would not come anywhere close to destroying one-third of the Murrah Federal Building. Furthermore, the Oklahoma City media reported authorities saying two bombs larger than the first were found, not one bomb with less destructive power than the bomb that went off. The FBI also refused the testimonies of 22 eyewitnesses that contradicted the official narrative of the Oklahoma City bombing.”

3.  “By fanning the flames on both sides in Afghanistan, US forces are able to “increase and decrease the military temperature and calibrate the level of violence” with a view to permanently “mobilize other governments in support of US global policy.”

In this sense, the ‘War on Terror’ functions as an ideological narrative that underpins the capacity of the British and American states to sustain geopolitical dominance over an increasingly fragile and changing international system.”

4.  “The problem is that the world knows very little about these acts. A simple Google search with the words “Palestinian violence” yields over 86,000 pages, while a search with the words “Palestinian civil disobedience” generates only 47 pagesthis despite the fact that for several years now Palestinians have been carrying out daily acts of civil disobedience against the Israeli occupation.”

5.  “It is Israel’s ongoing nuclear weapon production that drives the nuclear arms race in the Middle East. Saddam wanted a bomb because Israel had one. The Iranians were then worried both about an Iraqi and an Israeli bomb. Egypt, Saudi Arabia and others are annoyed at their geostrategic helplessness in the face of Israeli nukes.

Israel’s nuclear arsenal is the region’s Original Sin. ”

6.  “The U.S. Creeps Closer to a Police State

What threat required such a military-like response? None was given.  The New York Times article and many like it imply that the mere existence of marching protesters warrants a colossal reaction.  Of course the presence of “anarchists” is used to further scare readers into accepting such foolishness, as if this breed of protester is especially lethal (the vast majority of anarchists are like all protesters — they do not attack the police or anybody else, though some protesters respond aggressively when being confronted with the above mentioned police weapons).

The G-20 police presence is not a terrible surprise to anyone who has attended a legitimate, community-organized protest over the years.  Non-provoked usage of brutal weaponry is becoming commonplace;

Once anti-constitutional behavior is applied to alleged terrorists, and extended to immigrants and people suspected of being gang members or drug dealers, such police behavior becomes normalized, and can then be easily expanded to all people accused of being “criminals.”  Police are widely known to consider political activists, protesters, and striking workers as criminal types, beliefs encouraged by the mainstream media.”


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