Posted by: quiscus | February 5, 2009

February 5, 2009

1.  “On September 11, 2001 al-Qaeda knew that, “The Air Operations Center (AOC) (also known as the Air Defense Operations Center – ADOC) maintain[ed] constant surveillance of North American airspace to prevent overflight by hostile aircraft. It track[ed] over 2.5 million aircraft annually [].” So why would al-Qaeda mount an operation that was guaranteed to fail? They wouldn’t, but someone else would, and have it succeed. See the 5 articles on NORAD at for more on this subject. The Justice Department needs to investigate the lies told about NORAD on 9/11.”

2.  “French intelligence knew that “al Qaeda” was going to use AA and United as far back as January, 2001;

“As of January 2001, the al-Qaeda leadership nonetheless showed itself to be transparent to the eyes – and ears – of French spies. The redactors even detailed disagreements among the terrorists over the practical modalities of the planned hijacking. They never questioned their intention. Provisionally, the jihadists favored capturing an airplane between Frankfurt and the United States. They established a list of seven possible companies. Two would finally be chosen by the September 11 pirates: American Airlines and United Airlines. In his introduction, the author of the memo notes, “According to the Uzbek intelligence services, the airplane hijacking plan seems to have been discussed at the beginning of 2000 during a Kabul meeting of representatives from Osama bin Laden’s organization….”

Every intelligence service on the planet seemed to know that 9/11 was coming… but not the most well-funded, the most powerful, U.S. intel?

The 19 hijackers were American assets, and seen on American military basses. The 9/11 operation was not hatched in Afghanistan. It was Made in USA. I guess it was that 2000 meeting in Kabul where al-Qaeda concocted their most genius part of the 9/11 operation: mesmerize NORAD into forgetting that they monitored American and Canadian airspace on 9/11! This mind-bending part of the plan was so good that NORAD still doesn’t remember that it monitored American and Canadian airspace on 9/11.

This afternoon, French professor in International Relations Aymeric Chauprade was fired by the French Minister of Defense for voicing his opinion about 9/11 in his most recent book “Chronique du choc des civilisations” (Chronology of the Clash of Civilizations). Until today, Mr. Chauprade was teaching at Sorbonne University and at the French military academy in Paris, France.”

3.  “If you’ve ever wondered why there were no interviews with airport personnel describing their experiences with the 19 hijackers, well, that’s because those 19 lap-dancing loving, cocainesnorting, luxurycruisegambling Moslems were never at the airports.

The war on terror is a hoax. That is why the only arrests the US has made have been entrapped morons. These were contrived, propaganda arrests that, upon closer scrutiny showed to be entrapment of the mentally deficient.

4.  “Is Israel’s Army Waging a Jewish Jihad?

Religious extremists rising through the ranks

Extremist rabbis and their followers, bent on waging holy war against the Palestinians, are taking over the Israeli army by stealth, according to critics.

In a process one military historian has termed the rapid “theologization” of the Israeli army, there are now entire units of religious combat soldiers, many of them based in West Bank settlements. They answer to hardline rabbis who call for the establishment of a Greater Israel that includes the occupied Palestinian territories.

The new atmosphere was evident in the “excessive force” used in the recent Gaza operation, Dr. Levy said. More than 1,300 Palestinians were killed, a majority of them civilians, and thousands were injured as whole neighborhoods of Gaza were leveled. 

“When soldiers, including secular ones, are imbued with theological ideas, it makes them less sensitive to human rights or the suffering of the other side.”

The greater role of extremist religious groups in the army came to light last week when it emerged that the army rabbinate had handed out a booklet to soldiers preparing for the recent 22-day Gaza offensive. 

Yesh Din, an Israeli human rights group, said the material contained messages “bordering on racist incitement against the Palestinian people” and might have encouraged soldiers to ignore international law.

The booklet quotes extensively from Shlomo Aviner, a far-right rabbi who heads a religious seminary in the Muslim quarter of East Jerusalem. He compares the Palestinians to the Philistines, the Biblical enemy of the Jews.

He advises: “When you show mercy to a cruel enemy, you are being cruel to pure and honest soldiers … This is a war on murderers.” He also cites a Biblical ban on “surrendering a single millimeter” of Greater Israel.

Mr. Manekin, however, warned against blaming the violence inflicted on Gaza’s civilians solely on the influence of religious extremists. 

“The army is still run by the secular elites in Israel and they have always been reckless with regard to the safety of civilians when they wage war. Jewish nationalism that justifies Palestinian deaths is just as dangerous as religious extremism.”

5.  “Study Challenges Claims of Gitmo Recidivism

A prominent law professor says the U.S. Defense Department is issuing questionable data on the number of Guantánamo detainees who have been released “and then returned to the battlefield” because the government “is now in a position where they have to find some bad guys – even if they have to invent them by naming people who were never there.”

Their ultimate aim, Professor Mark Denbeaux of the Seton Hall University law school, told IPS, “is to foment fear among American voters and limit the freedom of the [Barack] Obama administration to release any of the detainees still imprisoned.”

The report is one of a series produced by the center’s faculty and law students. Professor Denbeaux says the center has determined that “DOD has issued ‘recidivism’ numbers 43 times, and each time they have been wrong – this last time the most egregiously so.”

He told IPS, “Once again, they’ve failed to identify names, numbers, dates, times, places, or acts upon which their report relies. Every time they have been required to identify the parties, the DOD has been forced to retract their false IDs and their numbers. They have included people who have never even set foot in Guantánamo – much less were they released from there.”

He added, “They have counted people as ‘returning to the fight’ for their having written an Op-ed piece in the New York Times and for their having appeared in a documentary exhibited at the Cannes Film Festival.”

Denbeaux said that the government’s numbers are also “seriously undercut by the DOD statement that ‘they do not track’ former detainees.”

Denbeaux heads the law school’s Center for Policy and Research. The center has issued a report which it says “rebuts and debunks” the most recent claim by the Department of Defense (DOD) that 61 “former Guantánamo detainees are confirmed or suspected of returning to the fight.”

6.  “So far, Obama partisans have rushed to the president’s defense, claiming that the anti-terror policies held over from the Bush years will be greatly modified, conform with existing law, and safeguard American civil liberties. It is, they are correct to argue, far too early to make such judgments. But one thing is for sure: This is not the rhetoric of the Code Pink candidate, but rather of a leader willing to sidle up to unsavory allies in a war against extremism. And it seems likely that, as journalist Eli Lake argued in The New Republic, anti-war voters might soon discover that rather than electing Jimmy Carter, they might very well have elected Ronald Reagan.”

7.  “Numerous States Introduce Legislation Affirming The Constitution

The legislatures of New Hampshire and Washington have just introduced bills declaring that they will not submit to the Unites States Government if the federal government acts unconstitutionally.

For example, the New Hampshire legislation would provide that the state does not have to submit to federal authority should the feds take any actions:

Establishing martial law or a state of emergency within one of the States comprising the United States of America without the consent of the legislature of that State.

The Washington bill declares that – pursuant to the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution – all powers not expressly delegated to the federal government are reserved to the states, and so the feds can’t try to grab power not expressly conferred on the United States by the Constitution.

8.  Does anyone still think Joseph Stiglitz understands anything about the current financial crisis?  He doesn’t:

9.  “Moscow has correctly assessed that the announced Obama troop buildup in Afghanistan has no relevance to the stated aim of combatting the ‘Taliban’, but rather with a new attempt by the Pentagon strategists to encircle both Russia and China on Eurasia in order to retain US global military dominance. It is not waiting for a new policy from Washington. Rather Russia is acting to secure its perimeter in Central Asia through a series of calculated geopolitical moves reminiscent of the famous Great Game of more than a Century ago. The stakes in this geopolitical power game could not be higher—the issue of world war or peace in the coming decade.

Similarly, today the US insistence Afghanistan military buildup is about Taliban, rings equally hollow. That’s clearly why Moscow is acting to secure its borders from a US militarization of the entire Central Asian region. Oil and gas pipeline routes are a major consideration, including US wishes to build a natural gas pipeline from Turkmenistan to India that would deprive Russia’s Gazprom of a vital component of its current gas supply.

The prime objective of the Afghan escalation however, is to draw a new ‘iron curtain,’ this one between the two formidable Eurasian powers with the only capacity to challenge future US global dominance: Russia and China. Should the two former rivals firm their cooperation not only in raw materials and industrial economic trade, but as well in the military cooperation sphere, as Obama campaign foreign policy adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski has stated, the combination would present a devastating threat to America’s global hegemony.

Now the decision, aided with the help of generous Russian financial concessions, to abruptly cancel US Air Force landing rights at Kyrgyzstan’s Manas Air Base, deals a devastating blow to US Great Game grand strategy to encircle the key powers of Eurasia—China and Russia.

When Washington tried to use its various NGO’s to foment a Color Revolution in Uzbekistan in 2005, the country’s not-so-democratic President,
Islam Karimov, demanded the US evacuate its air bases, repatriate US Peace Corps volunteers, and most NGOs were shut down and foreign media banned. Karimov moved to firm his frayed ties with Moscow at the time. Today Washington is reported to be feverishly trying to re-establish itself in Uzbekistan, but the sudden cancellation of base rights in Kyrgyzstan deals a new devastating blow to the entire Eurasian encirclement Great Game strategy.”

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