Posted by: quiscus | October 30, 2008

October 30, 2008

1.  “By this time next week, it should be known who will become the 44th President of the United States. Once a “chief magistrate of a confederated republic,” the holder of that office is now a “global tyrant…part secular pope, part military despot, part pseudo-philosopher-king and full-time overbearing global gangster.” Both John Sidney and Barack Hussein share the latter understanding of the office. Politicians who are even aware of the former can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Americans may think they are voting for President, but they are really casting their ballots for the man who would be Emperor.
In a virtual world shoddily designed by the news media, this is the Most Important Election Ever – just like every other time the Democrats and Republicans clash. In reality, the differences between two parties are minor at best; their contests boil down to a Leninist choice of who will do the doing, and who will get done. As one historian puts it, it’s a choice between a Socialist “ObaMarx” and the National-Socialist “McMussolini,” arguing that the only real patriotic choice is to stay home and deny both the mandate to destroy what’s left of America.

In short, come November 4, Americans won’t have a say in the actual question crucial to their lives: should the United States continue on the suicidal course of Empire, or attempt to restore the old Republic? That choice has already been made for them. All they have to do is crown the Emperor.”

2.  Why does the military always act with complete impunity and bad judgment?

Good sense and personal responsibility simply cannot be extended to the collective. They cannot even be extended to an entire family, a fact George and Barbara Bush, and every other parent in the world, must periodically contemplate. Yet, government in general, and military organizations particularly, are collectives. They are defined by collective thought, collective action, and collective responsibility – which conspire to produce thoughtless action and zero accountability, in things large and small.

It is sad to read about military pollution, the awful destruction of the environment conducted by our own friends and neighbors in uniform. But collectivism, whether it be the kind witnessed in the former Soviet Union or the kind seen today in Republican and Democrat party politics, is simply incapable of producing moral behavior or market-worthy products. Bad ideas, lousy designs, faulty and incompetent planning, and flawed execution are all made beautiful through the elimination of personal accountability, and the redefinition of failure.

This, my friends, is why John McCain could crash airplane after airplane and not be grounded, and why he has loudly lauded the illegal and expensive Iraq invasion, and all subsequent military “surges.” This is how Congress and the Fed salvage at above-market prices several well-known companies with our finances, and without a clue, a thought, a plan or an endgame. This is how Barack Obama easily rationalizes and explains his ideas about mandating the sharing of prosperity, at home and abroad. With collectives, as Yogi Berra might say, you never get what you pay for, and then some.”

3.  McCain excoriates Obama for meeting with a Palestinian moderate – but McCain gave $400,000 to the Palestinian’s group that is working for peace:

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